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Learning to play chord charts in a group environment – lesson two

Play Hands Together

In Lesson One, we experienced the initial stage of teaching a new chord chart. In this second lesson, I’ll be demonstrating teaching techniques that will help all your students in this next phase of learning. We will be moving your students towards playing hands together. The chord chart I’m using in this video can be found on page 7 of Way Cool Keyboarding 4 Kids Book 2. Feel free to download the PDF below and play along.

Lesson Two is divided into three parts: 1) Reteach and Review Lesson One, 2) Team Play, and 3) Moving Toward Playing Hands Together.

Reteach and Review Lesson One
  • Reteach left hand
  • While track is playing, walk around room and observe students. This will help you determine next step
  • Review right hand. Reteach if necessary

Team Play
  • Divide the class into two teams. Team A plays right hand, Team B plays left hand. At some point have the teams switch parts. (Team Play allows students to experience the piece even though they’re not playing both parts.)
  • Use Voices – right hand team uses electric piano, left hand team uses strings (For educational purposes, using different voices helps students to hear the two parts, with two different colors.)

Moving Toward Playing Hands Together
  • Guide students to discover how it feels to play hands together
    • Tap legs, say “Together, Right, Right, Right”
    • With your back to students, demonstrate hands together motion while students speak “Together, Right, Right, Right”
  • Bring students to teacher piano
    • Give specific directions – “watch my left hand,” “watch my right hand”
    • With students around you, this is a good time to make suggestions about technique. Good technique will make it easier for your students to play!
  • Headphone time to put it together – try first two measures
  • Walk around and offer help
  • Headphone time with track
  • Play out loud with track – invite students to play hands together if comfortable. If not, “pick a hand and play together”

In the third video we’ll explore ways your students can create their own music based on this chord chart. Building on the foundation they now have; we’ll encourage them to be creative and take ownership of the music they create.

Next: Learning Chord Charts in a Group Environment – Lesson Three: Let’s Get Creative!


"Way Cool" 4 Schools - Group Piano Summer Workshop 2022
Dates and Times:

Friday, July 22nd | 2:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday, July 23rd | 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday, July 24th | 10:00am-3:00pm

Travel and Accommodations:

McAllen International Airport

Group block rooms at the historic Casa De Palmas for $119 a night.
Includes shuttle to and from the airport.
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Topics covered during our fun weekend of learning:

  • Interactive group piano experiences
  • Classroom activities both on and off the bench
  • Proven teaching techniques to include in every class
  • Valuable tips and ideas from other educators
  • Creating lesson plans with Way Cool Keyboarding
  • Classroom management with multiple pianos
  • Inclusive Philosophy and Pedagogy that encourages every student
  • Engaging ensembles your students will love to share


  • All training materials for the weekend provided
  • Refreshments provided daily
  • Lunch included Saturday
  • New Yamaha and Roland digital pianos for demonstrations
  • Saturday night trip to local Mexican restaurant
  • Opportunity to make friends in our Way Cool community

Workshop Registration Fee:  $349.00

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