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I'm truly grateful for Way Cool Keyboarding! The pedagogy is sound and the songs are enjoyable for my middle school keyboard students. The musical styles vary and are exquisitely arranged. In short, Way Cool Keyboarding is a winner!
Lorenzo Sanchez
Lorenzo Sanchez, DMA
I just wanted you to know I have been using "Way Cool Keyboarding book 1" at least once a week with my mixed level classes. It is going so well and I can tell the students enjoy it - especially with the awesome tracks. Circus Phantom and Jazz hands are two of our favorites! We have also been doing "In a Trance" as an ensemble with the parts split up in 3 parts. My principal just evaluated me and we were using this and she commented on the great music. She gave me the highest score that I have ever gotten and I just wanted to thank you guys for this program and the awesome summer workshop!
Brenda Whitlow
Brenda Whitlow