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Learning to play chord charts in a group environment – lesson three

Play Again – Creative Ideas for Revisiting

In this video I will demonstrate simple techniques you can use when you revisit Way Cool Chords 7. The revisit learning phase happens when we return to something our students can already play, and then we add on. We start with the written page and then we begin to show them ideas of ways to change the melody, the harmony, the rhythm, and even the style. I think revisiting is a perfect way to encourage students of all ages to improvise, compose, and explore the keyboard. Again, the chord chart I’m using in the video can be found on page 7 of Way Cool keyboarding 4 Kids Book 2. Feel free to download the PDF below and play along.

Lesson Three is divided into three parts: 1) Revisit right hand, 2) Revisit left hand, and 3) Build a Band.

Revisit Right Hand
  • Introduce rocking
  • Rock, Rock, Block, Block
  • Take it up an octave
  • Have students explore with headphones on

Revisit Left Hand
  • Listen to the track for ideas
  • Demonstrate left hand rhythms and walk downs
  • Have students come to teacher piano and observe
  • Students return to their keyboards and play with track

Build a Band
  • Pick 2 right hand groups and 2 left hand groups
  • Everyone will be part of the band
  • One left hand group plays strings with whole notes
  • One left hand group plays bass guitar with rhythms and walk downs
  • One right hand group plays electric piano an octave higher while vamping
  • One right hand group plays piano, rocking and blocking
  • Some students improvise a melody using a keyboard voice
  • Keep it Simple

Revisiting chord charts is a great way to start or end a class! Revisiting not only solidifies learning and builds confidence, it also allows space for students to improvise, compose and explore the whole keyboard.


"Way Cool" 4 Schools - Group Piano Summer Workshop 2022
Dates and Times:

Friday, July 22nd | 2:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday, July 23rd | 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday, July 24th | 10:00am-3:00pm

Travel and Accommodations:

McAllen International Airport

Group block rooms at the historic Casa De Palmas for $119 a night.
Includes shuttle to and from the airport.
Use discount code: SUMMER22

Topics covered during our fun weekend of learning:

  • Interactive group piano experiences
  • Classroom activities both on and off the bench
  • Proven teaching techniques to include in every class
  • Valuable tips and ideas from other educators
  • Creating lesson plans with Way Cool Keyboarding
  • Classroom management with multiple pianos
  • Inclusive Philosophy and Pedagogy that encourages every student
  • Engaging ensembles your students will love to share


  • All training materials for the weekend provided
  • Refreshments provided daily
  • Lunch included Saturday
  • New Yamaha and Roland digital pianos for demonstrations
  • Saturday night trip to local Mexican restaurant
  • Opportunity to make friends in our Way Cool community

Workshop Registration Fee:  $349.00

Please send Purchase Orders to