Lesson Three: Review Sun-Up, Learn Back N’ Forth

I recommend beginning the class with a short review of Sun-Up with students playing along with track 1. Now you are ready to learn the next piece, Back N’ Forth. Your students will enjoy the prep experiences and how quickly they will be able to play this piece.  Review and play Sun-Up Ask students to […]

Lesson Two: Playing Sun-Up

Playing and enjoying this initial experience at the piano is the most motivating thing we can provide for our students. I believe that if it feels fun and doable, they will want to continue. In this second lesson, we will begin by playing Sun-Up for the class, next a quick review of finger numbers, and […]

Lesson One: Preparing for Sun-Up

In this first video, we are focusing on preparing the students to play Sun-Up. The “prep stage” of learning is very important to the students because it sets them up for a positive experience. I have found through the years that the better I prep the new skills and concepts of a piece, the easier […]